How has COVID affected

you and your employees? 


Has working from home caused additional stress? 


Has retuning to work resulted in more anxiety? 


Let me help your business by helping your employees



Is your business suffering as a result of staff absence?


Do you want to provide the best help and support for your employees?  


Would you like a happier, more motivated workforce? 



According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) health and wellbeing at work report 2022


  • 66% say they are concerned about the impact of the pandemic on employees’ mental health
  • 46% of organisations have employees who have experienced long COVID in the last year
  • 24% of respondents’ state COVID-related anxiety is among the top three causes of workplace stress
  • 76% of respondents report some form of stress-related absence from their place of work – this figure increases to 90% in larger organisations


I can provide your business with a cost effective counselling programme, tailored to your specific needs. Just get in touch to find out more




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