There are times in our lives when we have experienced distressing events or are suffering from difficult feelings such as depression, sadness, hurt, worry, fear, anger etc. It may help to talk to friends or family, but they may not have the time we need, they may not understand what we’re going through or we may feel we don’t wish to share intimate problems with them. Talking to someone who is not closely related or involved in our issues can therefore be extremely beneficial.


Talking Therapies provide the opportunity to talk to someone about the issues that concern us in a safe, confidential, supportive environment. It is our time to be listened to and heard and for many people this is the first step to feeling more in control of their lives. In fact just the whole experience of being heard, accepted and really listened to can be very therapeutic and the rest of the week can feel much less difficult when you know you have a regular space and time where you can reflect, think about the changes you might want to make in your life and get the support you need.


At times this process can be painful and difficult as there may be some thoughts and feelings that have been buried away for years, if we were unable or unwilling to share them with anyone, sometimes even ourselves. Consequently you may feel worse before you can begin to feel better so Talking Therapies do require a commitment of time and effort from both parties and I'll be supporting you every step of the way. Suppressing our feelings can also lead to symptoms such as sleep disturbance, headaches, aches and pains and lack of energy. Plus it could lead to unhealthy coping behaviours including alcohol or drug dependence, destructive or co-dependent relationships and eating disorders.


The integrative counselling I offer is based on a number of approaches, for example:


the person-centred model of counselling based on the belief that you are the best expert on yourself and have the inbuilt capacity to grow and achieve your potential with the right surroundings and support. My role in this process is to facilitate and support you in exploring your feelings and, as part of your journey, help you find your own answers and your own path to self-acceptance and a more fulfilling life


cognitive behavioural therapy that looks at how you view yourself, other people and the world around you. This approach can help you better understand the links between your thoughts, emotions, physical feelings and behaviours in any situation and then change any unhelpful thoughts and behaviours




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